CPWD Guideline, Rules & Forms for Enlistment of Contractor in CPWD

CPWD Guideline, Rules & Forms for Enlistment of Contractor in CPWD

About CPWD

1.0 Central Public Works Department (CPWD) under Ministry of Urban Development is entrusted with construction and maintenance of buildings for most of the Central Government Departments, Public undertakings and Autonomous bodies.

2.0 Vision Statement – Excellence in Public Works

3.0 Mission Statement

3.1 Sound Planning and Design

3.1.1 All buildings norms and specification to be standardized.

3.1.2 Architectural and structural design to be undertaken and coordinated to evolve an efficient building system compliant with latest Indian Standard.

3.2 Engineered Construction

3.2.1 Mechanization in construction including use of innovative materials and techniques.

3.2.2 Conservation of energy and natural resources and clean environment in construction stage.

3.3 Effective Maintenance

3.3.1 To preserve and maintain buildings and services in good operating condition and to adopt latest state of development taking place in built environment

3.4 Benchmarking

3.4.1 Updation of Standards and Specifications for public works and their publication at regular interval.

3.4.2 Updation of Delhi Schedule of Rates and Analysis of Rates Updation of works and Maintenance Manual on regular basis & their publication.

3.5 Capacity Building

3.5.1 Updation of technical knowledge of engineers, architects through training and high level refresher courses and participation in seminars, workshops etc.

3.5.2 Target oriented training to maintenance workers on contemporary skills and behavioral science to improve service delivery mechanism.

3.6 Manpower planning

3.6.1 To achieve excellent working opportunities and professional environment.

3.6.2 To provide performance and ability based approach to career development as per policy of the Government.

3.7 Transparency in work management

3.7.1 e-tendering being introduced.

3.7.2 Effective use of websites in discharge of regulatory, enforcement and other functions being introduced through integrated computerization.

3.7.3 Web based work progress monitoring system is being introduced.

4.0 Mandate for CPWD

4.1 Construction works:

4.1.1 Provide Turnkey Project Management services from concept to completion of buildings with inbuilt quality assurance, financial and technical accountability.

4.2 Maintenance Services

4.2.1 Provide a comprehensive network of service Centres for recording, redressel and monitoring of complaint through single window system.

4.3 Grievance Redressal Mechanism

4.3.1 Designated Grievance Officer shall ensure effective redressel of Public Grievances.

4.3.2 Designated Nodal Officer at Directorate shall:

Ensure that processes needed for rendering effective services to users are established, implemented and maintained including getting feedback on user satisfaction.

5.0 Solicits from Users

5.1 Construction works:

5.1.1 Assistance and cooperation by providing ownership documents etc. for land and building to obtain approval of building plans and clearances for service connections of their behalf from local bodies and to take over the completed work expeditiously.

5.2 Maintenance services:

5.2.1 Not to make any unauthorized construction of any additions / alteration, tempering of installations of the premises allotted to them.

5.2.2 Maintain the accommodation allotted and the surroundings in a hygienic manner and conform to the rules and regulations of the local bodies in this regard.

5.2.3 To produce “No Dues Certificate” from service provider at the time of vacation.

CPWD Guideline, Rules & Forms for Enlistment of Contractor in CPWD

Note : the Content of this Page has been taken from http://cpwd.gov.in , a Central Government Undertaking official Website. This content is for the Information of Government Contractors only. For detailed and Updated Information please visit official website of Central Public Works Department (CPWD).


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2 Responses to CPWD Guideline, Rules & Forms for Enlistment of Contractor in CPWD

  1. forms for enlistment of contractor in CPWD says:

    we need form for enlistment in CPWD Civil works

  2. Amit Kumar Sharma says:

    I would like to start up with my contracting work and would like to enlist myself in CPDW for its works. I am B.tech (Electrical)with experience in Electrical Projects & unemployed since last 2/3 months. I would like to know the process of Enlistment in CPWD. Please reply.

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