Tenders – Government Tenders, Search Government Tenders

How to Participate in Government Tenders
Bid Preparation & Submission in Notice Inviting Tenders is very common practice for Work execution, supplying goods or services in Government Department & public sector companies.

State & Central government departments, Public Sector Organizations (PSUs), have specific tendering processes. This Tendering system has to follow Public Procurement Guideline & rules, CVC Guideline, World Bank or Multi lateral Funding Agency Procurement Polices & Guideline.

Here we help the potential supplier about how to get Tender Information & Search Government contracts, How to Prepare Bids, what to attach with tender and how to quote it for the best possibility to win the Contract.

How to Get Tender Information or Search Government contracts
You can get Government Tender Information by:

Decide to Bid in a tender
Bid Preparation for Tenders is essential to win Government Contract, but it is time-consuming, Block EMD or Security Deposit Amount, Pay for Document Fees or Tender Cost and tie up valuable resources. If you don’t get the contract, the money and time spent is usually lost so be carefully about selecting a Tender and you should have clear idea about to Participate in Tenders or Not.

Key points to consider before taking decision to Participate in Government Tenders:

  • Purchase & Download Tender Document and read carefully and analyze them.
  • Would the work is appropriate to your business nature, Position or your Business strategy.
  • Make sure you match the Technical, Financial and Experience criteria to qualify in Technical Bid.
  • How much will it cost to prepare your bid. Also keep considering about blocked Money like EMD, Security deposit or Non Refundable Tender Document Fees.
  • Estimate the costs of fulfilling the contract and justify your profit.
  • Assess how the contract would affect your other work, staffing and new business initiative.
  • You also need to consider how important the Government department is to your business & Client List. Is this a good potential & Reputed Organization.
Find out what the client wants
Before starting a Bid Preparation you should have a meeting or have a telephone conversation with Tendering Authority. Raise queries by phone or email if tender documents are unclear. Get clarifications through Pre Bid Meeting.

Bid Estimate & Technical Specifications
Make sure you match the bid specification and answer all the questions.

Bid Preparation
Once you have decided to bid, you’ll need to decide how you’ll manage the bid:

  • Gathering the requirement information.
  • Co-ordinating for the raw material required?
  • Drafting of letters.
  • Checking and verification of bid documents

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